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Oscar Devent  

Selected Works


Rooted in the intimate relationship between the ventriloquial figure and the ventriloquist, my practice asks questions about symbiosis, autonomy and sentience. Am I Oscar without her hand in my back? Am I Oscar with someone else's hand in my back? To what extent am I defined by 'my' voice, shaped by the spoken word? Considering these questions, I explore ways of using text, images and video to support a ventriloquial presence online.

For several years I worked with Ciara Finnegan.


Made in USA in 1973. Reinvented in Europe in 2005. Education: Practice Based Research in the Arts MOOC, Stanford Online, 2013. Awards: Northern Ireland Arts Council Digital Media Purchase (2009); Collections: Northern Ireland Arts Council Digital Media Collection.
Resides and works in The Netherlands.
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