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Your commitment to purchase, from a faux Amazon website, an artwork that you have never witnessed in real life* both charms and appalls us in equal measure.


You must really love art.


Before we go any further, though...we're wondering if you would pay 45,432.25 GBP for this artwork: ? It is the advertised model's virtual incarnation. (And, in fact, it's MUCH bigger than the product you've just put in your basket.) It's jam-packed with artworks!


We're just curious...


We’re not so into object ownership ourselves. Dollhouses are two a penny. (Or one for 45,432.25 GBP.)


But we’re really into art.


For us 45,432.25 GBP means:


  • The necessary funds to establish a new DHS node in NYC, including curatorial and artist fees, production budget and support staff salary.

  • Finance for a research and development dual-node DHS set-up in Derry, Northern Ireland and Johannesburg, South Africa, providing critical training in the new studio and exhibition practices embodied by the DHS. 

  • The ability to continue the experimental program of the DHS into the future.

So, if you are really serious about buying the product you have placed in your basket, we'd like you to think about it in these terms: we would like you to think that what you are buying is not a thing, but an action. Support for the art living in one of the situations described above. (And, what the heck, we'll throw in the advertised DH as a token of our appreciation!)

*If you are reading this page as one of a small group of people, personally known to the DHS, who have seen The Dollhouse IRL and/or worked in  the Dollhouse Space, as none of you (as far as we are aware) are closet hedge-fund managers or VCs with a spare 45,432.25GBP lying around with which to purchase an artwork, we appreciate that you placed the product in your basket in the spirit of artistic inquiry.  This very spirit is one of the reasons we adore you :-) 


If you are an artist or curator, keen to create a nodal version of The DHS where you live and would like to purchase a dollhouse for this purpose, may we suggest that you run a search for “OKWA poppenhuis” on You should be able to pick one up for around 15 Euro + delivery costs.

If you have no luck there, please get in touch with us at and we can see how we can help you.

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