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The battery-operated toy parrots have no comprehension of the relationship that exists between the word they repeat and its semantic equivalent. They will not volunteer any information; they are incapable of initiating or supporting 'rational' conversation; they have no long-term memory resource, yet their mannered repeats prompt dialogue with the speaker on a different level.

Through progressive repeats, the parrots assault the word or phrase offered them by the speaker, the resultant sound produced irreconcilable with its source. Since one parrot suffers a speech impediment and since they randomly censor what they will or will not repeat, this process of delivery and return becomes quite an absurd activity.

The performance lasted for as long as the speaker could continue to speak before her mouth became completely clogged with gob-stoppers.

Some of this work was pre-scripted, some impromptu (as in conversation with friends - feathered or otherwise).

A Complete Parodty
A Public Soliloquy

Cardiff Art in Time 1997,
Catalyst Arts Belfast 1997.

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